What we do

Fully-financed & de-risked solutions backed by years of experience.

How Does It Work?

Our four-step solution upgrades buildings and reduce outgoings, with zero risk and cost to owners.

Step 1.

We carry out our proven process to assess & retrofit properties (HVAC, lighting, etc.)

Step 2.

We pay for the new equipment, and even cover the cost of the initial assessment

Step 3.

We share the cost savings with owners (electricity, water, waste, etc.)

Step 4.

After agreed duration (~5-10 years), we transfer ownership of the equipment and upgrades to the building owners at no cost

We can also help to improve ESG reporting, compliance & marketing.

How Does It Work?

Why Choose Us?

What's in it for the building owner?

 Save on capex (we cover the cost)

Outgoings are immediately reduced, increasing net operating income

Add to the value of buildings

Real-time building performance data (saving time & money)

Assets become greener & carbon footprint is reduced

Possible to certify green credentials and provide reporting to government agencies (Singapore Green Building Council, BCA, URA, etc.)

Employ other technologies, including controlling air quality, to improve Health & Comfort metrics for tenants and other stakeholders.

Potential benefits in optimizing space and future property insurance premiums.

What's in it for us?

We get paid entirely out of the shared cost savings, fully underwriting the success of the project. If owners don’t save money on energy bills, we don’t get paid.

Our Proposition to Building Owners and Managers

We are not an ESCO – we do not sell equipment or consultancy services, and are aligned with the building owners

We want to make things happen – leveraging our experience to act quickly and decisively while remaining open to creative and flexible project financing solutions

We commit capital and take risk – as providers of equity capital we are prepared to take the first loss

We pay for everything – we cover up to 100% of upgrades, including up-front costs like investment grade site assessments

Strong alignment of interests:
-We succeed when our debt partners do
-We establish partnerships and strive toward a more sustainable future

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