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Green Hedgehog finances and delivers energy-efficient upgrades for building owners who want to improve building performance and financial returns. At Green Hedgehog, we believe businesses can achieve both.

Green Hedgehog combines financing capability, project management experience, real estate asset management expertise and the passion and skillset for building sustainable business models. By providing a complete solution for our building owner client-partners, and understanding their goals and how decisions are made, we believe we can start to build pathways toward net zero buildings.

Green Hedgehog provides up to 100% of the capital for the upgrade, and has built multiple technical and technological relationships around energy efficiency, waste management, air quality and water use. We want to always be able to measure and verify our impact.

The 3 partners came together from different starting points. Tienyu and Sadiq worked together as financial analysts at Merrill Lynch and then went about their own independent paths to learn about sustainability. Solon manages a real estate portfolio and met Sadiq when the latter joined Vulpes, igniting his desire to make a difference.

Our Sponsor

Vulpes is a global alternative investment manager with a 20-year history in Singapore. Vulpes is focused on long-term value creation and alignment of incentives, with principals investing alongside investors.

Vulpes is the successor to Artradis Fund Management and was founded in 2011 by Stephen Diggle, co-founder and former managing partner of the multi award-winning fund management company.

Vulpes is designed to replicate a family office structure and enable outside co-investment in a range of strategies that seek to produce real capital appreciation and/or income, by concentrating on a small number of compelling investment opportunities.

The platform has been in continuous operation and under supervision by the MAS since 2002.

Our operating partner and strategic advisor

Based out of Hong Kong, Blue Sky Energy Asia has successfully managed multiple energy efficiency projects using a variety of solutions at diverse sites for leading corporates across Asia.

Blue Sky partner with Commercial and Industrial building owners and operators who are seeking to integrate Building Energy Efficiency into a long-term Net Zero strategy by developing, financing and de-risking energy efficient building retrofits and upgrades.

These projects have been recognized by leading industry bodies, winning awards from the International Facility Management Association.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, Blue Sky have consistently generated significant reductions in capital costs, operating costs, energy consumption and emissions for clients.

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